Relationships are the most rewarding and important parts of our lives and also, often, the most challenging. Being aware of what is most important in your own life and the life of your partner allows you to come together aligning yourselves with your common passions and lovingly supporting each other's personal passions. 

As your couple-hood bears fruit and evolves into a family, passions change. The Passion Test is a tool that can be used again and again to ensure you are continually aligning your lives with what matters the most to you as individuals and as a family. 

Passion Test Packages for Couples and Families: 

1. Marriage Matters 

  • Includes The Passion Test for each partner in a private workshop format
  • 6 Sessions taken together or split individually (6 Sessions total)
  • Marriage Ceremony 
    • Wedding services are tailored to your spiritual beliefs and who you are as a couple. You may create your own or have a traditional ceremony.  We will work together to ensure this day is filled with joy, passion and fulfillment! 
    • Please contact me to discuss your needs, location and pricing. 

***Tamara is an Ordained Minister (non-denominational) and can perform legal marriages across the United States. 

2. Family Matters

  • Take The Passion Test together as a family.
    • Children ages 8+ are capable of understanding the basics of what it means to be the creative power in one's own life. Along with their parents or guardians, they will learn valuable skills that will empower them for a lifetime. 
    • When individuals commit to living their life with intention, they are dramatically more successful with a supportive, loving family behind them! Imagine being a part of a family unit that is aware of what matters most to each member and encourages them to consistently choose in favor of those passions! 
    • The Family Matters Passion Test runs like a private workshop. Please contact me to discuss your needs, location and pricing.