Connecting with Source through Movement

Do you feel disconnected? Disjointed? Unable to focus and achieve peace of mind and calmness of the body? Are your moods up and down and left and right? Do you find yourself snapping at others and feeling tired?

Among everything else that contributes to those feelings, you're probably experiencing a disconnect in your relationship with Source. Source, Source Energy, God, the Unified Field, the Universe... these are all different ways of calling the same thing - that which is all... all things, all life, all energy. 

A "Passion" that comes up for many clients is this desire to have a deeper relationship or connection with God. We want this because we want, more than anything, to feel good.

You can pray more, you can read the bible or other religious text, or a deeply moving devotional, or you can move. For me, my connection with Source Energy is strongest when I turn inward and flow through movement. 

If you want to have a deeper connection to Spirit, you have to move your body.

Your body is the package in which your spirit has chosen to manifest in this incarnation of itself. Your body is the house of your spirit, the house of your soul and the house of God, because God-energy flows within and throughout us. 

Cherish the house of your soul. Care for it, love it, and when you want to hear the voice of God clearly, move your body to silence your mind. 

My favorite way to do this is through a slow-flowing yoga with beautiful music in the background, or Kundalini Yoga - an intense form of yogic meditation. "Yoga" in Sanskrit actually means "union." Some sources translate it as a "union with the divine," and this is exactly what it feels like for me. 

How about you? Do you meditate to achieve a deeper connection with Source? Or are you still in the "thinking about it" phase? Wherever you are, it is exactly where you are meant to be. Please, share your thoughts and comment below.