Your Monday Minute - The 3rd Step

Congratulations! You're about to learn the third and final step of the Passion Test Formula for how to create a life that you absolutely LOVE to live! We've covered Intention, Attention and now (drum-roll, please)... No Tension!

 That is the Passion Test Formula! Now, press play below and find out what that means! 

Make sense? These three pieces are just the icing on the cake. To fully step into creating a life you love, to really understand the process, you need to go through it. It's a lot to communicate in just 3 short videos. One vital aspect of the entire formula didn't fit into this week's minute, so be sure to tune in next week because you do not want to miss it.

In the meantime, I promised an example. Remember what I said about getting to the other side of the pool? If we're grabbing on to the water, we're more likely to drown than to get to the other side. We must relax and flow through the water. One passion that comes up for about 80% of my clients is friendship. If you feel like you don't have a few good friends to laugh with, cry with and simply be with, you are not alone. 

Just over two years ago when I took the Passion Test with a Certified Facilitator for the first time, I had just moved overseas to England and felt completely isolated. I remember dropping my kids off at school and longingly watching the easy greetings and conversations shared between a sea of unfamiliar faces. 

One of my top 5 passions turned out to be having an "open-minded, expanded circle of friends" with whom I could have fun and be myself.  I didn't want just any friend, my intention, my passion, was very clear on the kind of friendships that I wanted to cultivate. 

So, I gave friendship my attention. I approached other mothers with children in the same classes as my kids. Even though I felt a bit nervous, I gave my attention to maintaining a state of no-tension. If I had gone up to someone and grabbed her shoulders and said, "Be my friend!!!" Do you think she'd want to be my friend? No way! She'd think I was crazy. 

So, I relaxed in the knowledge that if I simply kept my attention on my intention in a relaxed, peaceful way, friendships would bloom. I trusted the process. I took action (action engages attention) and released the outcome, trusting in my co-creator (God/the Universe) to provide me with the right people and opportunities to create the friendships I so desired. 

It didn't take long before I had an amazing group of friends. A few were those other 'mums' and a few more were further afield and equally incredible. I have never been so blessed with friendship since setting that intention and giving it my attention in a state of no tension. I have never felt so completely loved and accepted by so many incredible people. And do you know what? Quite a few of my marvelous friends were feeling very much the same as I was... they just didn't know (yet) what I knew (The Passion Test!).

Now you know how it works, so you're 3 steps ahead of the rest of the crowd! When you start living life with your Passions leading the way, magic and bliss become an everyday experience. 

I love you! See you next week.