Your Monday Minute - Feelings Want to be Felt!

Do you ever find yourself judging your feelings as bad or wrong? Like you shouldn't be feeling how you're feeling even though that is what you are feeling? Does that sound futile to you? Me too. 

Byron Katie says, "When I argue with reality, I lose, and only 100% of the time." With that in mind, watch today's episode and then read on! 

Our feelings are natural byproducts of our thoughts. Try to release your judgement of whether your feeling is good or bad and allow yourself to simply be aware of your feelings and actually feel them. Notice what happens. 

There is a wonderful, quick and easy read in the form of an e-book called From Sad to Glad. I encourage you to read it virtual cover to virtual cover. It teaches you how contraction and expansion are a natural part of life and how to gently move through it.

It is everywhere in nature from the flower that opens (expands) during the day and closes (contracts) at night, to Mother Earth expanding in Spring and Summer and contracting through Autumn and Winter. It's how we're made. It is our nature to contract and expand. 

I hope you're feeling good and loving yourself today! If not, that's ok. I love you and I'll see you next week!