Welcome to my New Website!

For the past few weeks, my affirmativethought.com website has been off-kilter. I'm a creative, not a technical type, so since I was busy with other things, I just let the weirdness that was happening go for a few days. Before I had to bother with support, I was able to log in and update as usual. 

Little did I know, I had been hacked. No matter what I tried, I could not restore my site back before changes were made (that redirected mobile users to a decidedly naughty website), so I decided it was a sign to start fresh! So, here we are. The new site will allow me more flexibility to grow and for you to grow with me. 

I am here to serve women - we are the foundation of our families. So, by extension, I want to serve couples and families as well. The site is currently a work-in-progress, like we all are! It should be fully updated by mid-October, so watch for expanding services as I step more deeply into coaching services with a greater emphasis on couples, families and spirituality. 

Monday Minutes will continue to be a staple, as I believe there may be no greater thing than for women to truly love and embrace who they are and recognize how much they matter. By taking the very best care of yourself, you take better care of the people you care for and about. 

Let us be a living demonstration of love and together, forge a happier world. I love you!