Your Monday Minute - The Formula for Creating a Life You Love!

I made a beautiful meal the other night. I had an idea that I wanted Beef Stir-fry, so in my mind I created the recipe. I need a recipe for basically anything I cook, even if the recipe is very basic. The more detailed the recipe, the more likely it is to turn out just the way that I want in the end. 

The Passion Test Formula is a recipe for life - the recipe for a life you love living; meaningful, fulfilling and joyful. Today, in Your Monday Minute, I'm telling you all about the first step of that formula: Intention. Watch the video and then read on to learn more!

Now you know the first step! You might think it sounds easy. I say that people are always surprised at what ends up in their list of top 5 Passions because it's true. You may have an idea of what is important to you and that's good! It's the process of the "test" that gets you crystal clear on what matters the most, or defines your "ingredients" to keep with my recipe metaphor.

Once we have our top 5 Passions, or "Intentions," (the ingredients!) then we can move on to the next step, which we'll do next week. In the meantime, would you like to know a few of my current top 5? They involve you! 

My current #1 Passion is to feel fully, freely and authentically me! Through the use of "markers" I delve deeper and more specifically into what that means to me. Clarity is vital to making this recipe work. After all, if we don't know what ginger looks like, how can we put it in the pot? 

My current #3 Passion is to be enjoying uplifting, open and joyful relationships! This Passion is scoring very high at the moment. I have the most beautiful, amazing, incredible friends and family. My heart soars frequently. 

Passion #4 is to impact and inspire massive numbers of others to live a passionate, authentic life. Living this way is such a gift that I want to give it away to everyone! 

Come back next week to learn the second step to creating a life that you absolutely love to live. I am walking, talking proof that it works. I love you! You matter!!!