Your Monday Minute - Get Off Your Bum!

Welcome to Your Monday Minute - a weekly reminder about how much you matter! Creating a life that you love is all about feeling good. Feeling good requires a little bit of effort, but honestly, not that much. Watch this week's short video and get inspired to move! 

Inspired? Motivated? Have Olivia Newton John's Get Physical stuck in your head? Me too!

About 4 months ago I got serious about getting into better shape. It could be that a certain milestone birthday is approaching or simply that I finally gave into the fact that when I get physical exercise I feel better, but I finally started exercising regularly for the first time in my life (unless dancing for hours on end several times a week during my University years counts).

Like any endeavor, exercise is something that you'll never find the time for; you have to make the time. Because I'm a mom of 3, I choose to get up early to get my workouts in before the kids are up. Since I have an early-riser, this means waaaaaaaaaaaaaay earlier than I ever actually want to get up, but since it makes such a dramatic difference in how I feel, I do it anyway (usually). 

The yoga that I do every morning is just 7-minutes long. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the video at, where I found it, but there are plenty of short routines all over YouTube. When I wake up early enough, I add a Kundalini Kriya (also easy to find on YouTube - there are plenty!) to the mix and feel amazing afterwards. Spotify and Gabrielle Bernstein help me with my music selections!

How to you work exercise into your daily routine? Don't have a routine? Start one today and come back in a week or two to tell us how you're feeling!