C'mon Get Happy!

Imagine yourself, just 30-days from now, being happier than maybe you've ever been before? Would that be wonderful? 

"Engaging in a practice of gratitude for just 30-days actually raises your Happiness Setpoint." 

I'm closely paraphrasing Marci Shimoff from the incredible The Hidden Riches event that I attended this past weekend. If you want more happiness in your life, how easy is that?!! 

 This is what the feeling of happiness looks like to me! What does it look like to you? 

This is what the feeling of happiness looks like to me! What does it look like to you? 

Many Americans begin making regular posts on social media in the lead-up to Thanksgiving, but then stop cold turkey when the holiday passes. (That pun was totally intended!) Why not commit to starting this practice and keeping it up long after November ends? While you don't need to share your gratitude with the world, announcing your practice out loud and in print makes you feel more accountable. 

Plus, writing it down, whether on Facebook or in a Gratitude Journal (which doesn't have to be pretty - sticky-notes work as well as anything else) allows you to look back on darker days when you may need help lifting up your spirit.

I invite you to follow my posts on Gratitude and Happiness during the month of November on Facebook and Twitter to help you stay focused on your own happiness. I'll share tips to really step into experiencing gratitude on the deepest level of your being. This one simple thing could change your life forever. 

5-minutes a day is an easy way to a happier life, isn't it? 

Leave a comment and commit! 

Do you practice gratitude? Tell us how! Ready to begin? Leave a comment and commit - it's harder to let it slide if you've told the world you'll do something (and me, because I'll be checking in with you!).