Your Monday Minute - Everyone is on a Journey

Everybody is on a journey. Everyone has a story. That strong woman you admire or envy because you think she's living the perfect life and has everything flawlessly put together... but maybe she falls apart in the quiet of her solitude. 

Maybe she really is that confident, capable woman you see and only because she's been through her own shadowland and come through it sure and strong to be a lighthouse for others to see what's possible for them... for us.

If you find yourself saying, "I could never be as..." confident, outgoing, as good with money, a good of a mother.. fill in the blank... you're not only wrong, you're lying to yourself. 

You can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it, when you choose to, and it starts by loving yourself completely and unconditionally. Watch today's vlog and then read on! 

Today, I'm prescribing you a meditation by the wonderful Lisa Nichols. She's an amazing woman, author and speaker who was featured in the movie The Secret, which introduced the Law of Attraction to the masses. It's about 20 minutes long and your prescription is to watch it 3x a week until the symptoms of self-doubt and loathing are completely replaced by self love and appreciation. Then, as needed. 

It's a guided meditation. Find a quiet time and place to give this gift to yourself. At least once a week, even if it is before everyone is awake or just when you put the baby down for a nap. Find... no, make... the time. After that, if you're a busy mom, as I am, and had my hands full with a very active preschooler when I first discovered this meditation, put earphones into your smart phone and listen to it while you vacuum or do the dishes or fold laundry. While you're nursing or even (pretending) to watch something with your toddler. Ear-buds in, eyes closed, and get your daily dose of self-love. 


Spread the love! Please share this with anyone who might benefit. See you next time!